Pioneers Period Policy

This document describes China Internet Network Information Center (“CNNIC”) Pioneers Period Policy, which defines the registration policies and eligibility requirements for registrations in Pioneers Period. Pioneers Period is the second phase of the Top Level Domain “.网络”(xn—io0a7i) &”.公司” (xn—55qx5d)for their open registration, and the first subphase of the limited registration. This phase is an important opportunity designed to help any qualified companies, community groups, and business associations proactively register their domain name right after Sunrise Period, but prior to General Availability Period. During this period, CNNIC will conduct Claim Service in accordance with ICANN’s mandatory trademark claims process.

Registration Date

Aug 1, 2014 – Aug 21, 2014 length of 20 days.

Registration Terms

The domain name registrant must abide to the provisions of "Chinese Internet Domain Name Management Regulations”, in order not to violate the Chinese laws and regulations. All domain name registered during Pioneers Period shall be registered through an ICANN-Accredited Registrar and on a first come-first served basis.

Only domain labels that have not been reserved by CNNIC or registered under “.网络.CN”&“公司.CN” will be available for registration in Pioneers Period.

1. Registrant Requirements

In Pioneers Period, the registration information should be submitted including, but not limitation to:

  • 1.The domain names applying for registration;
  • 2.The host names of the main and secondary domain name servers for the domain name;
  • 3.If the applicant is an individual registrant, who needs to submit name, ID type, ID number, contact address, telephone, e-mail etc.;
  • 4.If the applicant is on behalf of an organization, who needs to submit organization name, the type of organizational identity, organizational identity code, mailing address, e-mail, phone numbers, etc.;
  • 5.Name of the domain admin contacts, technical contacts, domain billing contacts, and their mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers.

Beyond of above information, the registrant should also submit the relevant identity certificated materials.

  • 1.In Mainland China: rather than the organization code and ID card number, any other identity certificated information should be submitted with corresponding identity certificated materials;
  • 2.Out of Mainland China: the identity certificated materials should be submitted in electronic forms.

The registrant information can not be modified after submitted to registry. To modify the information requires resubmitting another application and the updated registering time is based on the time when the application is resubmitted.

2. Domain Name Label Requirements

Trademark Verified Rules

Any qualified companies, community groups, and business associations should provide trademark proof materials when they apply for domains.

  • 1.In Mainland China: provide a scanned copy of trademark registration certificate
  • 2.Out of Mainland China: submit the trademark information query screenshots made by trademark approval authority

These relevant materials should be submitted to CNNIC in 5 days following the domain application successfully received by CNNIC, in the format of JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP. Data size must be between 50KB and 200KB.

Naming rules

  • 1.If a trademark contains any form of Chinese (pinyin), English, the registrant may apply to register the corresponding vocabulary which is consistent with the trademark content. For example, the registrant has trademark containing a word"花朵", the registrant may apply for the registration, for instance, "花朵.网络"or "" or "花朵.网络" or “”, but cannot preferentially register the domain name in the form of "”.
  • 2.If a trademark contains combination of words in any form of Chinese (pinyin), English and digits (0-9), the registrant may apply to register the corresponding vocabulary which is consistent with any of trademark content or combination of words. For example, the registrant has trademark containing a word"花朵 huaduo", the registrant may apply for the domain name registration of many kinds ---"花朵.网络"or "" or "花朵” or"", but cannot preferentially register the domain name in the form of "".
  • 3.Trademarks in mainland China are subject to the check and verification results from Chinese National Trademark Bureau. Trademarks outside mainland China are subject to the verification results from local trademark approval authority. Any invalid trademark will be refused by CNNIC.
  • 4.If the trade mark contains the polyphone, any pronunciation of the word can be used to register.
  • 5.If the trademark is a purely figurative mark and unable to identify the corresponding vocabulary of words, it does not meet the requirements for priority registration.
  • 6.Registrants and trademark holders should be the same person or organization. If they are different, the applicants are required to submit the trademark holder's proof of authorization documents and proof of identity materials.

CNNIC will reserve the final right of interpretation to the trademark verification standards, and determinate the domain registry results at its sole discretion.

3. Domain Name Activating Requirements

Any registrant, who has a domain label previously registered under “网络.CN”&”公司.CN”, will have the first right to activate his identical label under “.网络”&”.公司” from the Start Date of Pioneers Period. Those registrants under “网络.CN”&”公司.CN” should activate their “.网络”&”.公司” domains pursuant to the following terms and policies:

  • a. Domain names will be created under “.网络”or ”.公司”, if and only if a domain name string has been previously registered under “网络.CN” or ”公司.CN” and the registration has not expired.
  • b. On the Start Data of Pioneer Period, those registered domain and corresponding information will be automatically drawn from the database of “网络.CN”&”公司.CN” to the database of “.网络”&”.公司”, which includes A record, Name Server. Registrant, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact, etc.
  • c. The start dates of the activated domain names in the Pioneers Period will be the activating date, however the expiry dates will be the same with the corresponding “网络.CN”&”公司.CN” domain names.
  • d. CNNIC will activate those “网络.CN”&”公司.CN” domains under “.网络”&”.公司” with permission of each sponsoring registrar, otherwise CNNIC will not tamper any domain information.

Dispute solutions

Within the Pioneers Period, the dispute arising from the conflict between any applicant’s domain name registration and trademark holders, must be resolved by complying with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy established by ICANN (“UDRP”) or the Uniform Rapid Suspension Policy( “URS”) constituted by ICANN.

The complaints filed according to UDRP will be solved in accordance with rules of, and the supplementary rules published by administrative dispute resolution service providers specified by the users; the complaints filed according to the URS policy will be solved by,, and the supplementary rules published by URS service providers specified by ICANN .


Fees that may be collected during Pioneer Period include:

  • Pioneer Period Domain Registration Fee ;
  • The renewal fee for domain names registered during Sunrise and Pioneer Period;
  • The redemption fee for domain names deleted during Pioneer Period.

If the registrants already have domains under “网络.CN” or “公司.CN”, and just activate their domain name under “.网络” or ”.公司” in Pioneer Period, then CNNIC will not collect any activated fees from them.