Registration and Bidding Guidelines of ".公司" 和 ".网络" for Landrush Phase

Landrush phase is the third phase in “.公司”&“.网络”’s registration and it is open to global users.

1.Landrush Duration (Beijing Time, GMT+8)

08:00 AM, August 21, 2014—08:00 AM, September 27, 2014, 37 days

Pre-registration Time:08:00 AM, August 21, 2014—08:00 AM, September 1, 2014, 11 days

Bidding Time: 08:00 AM, September 1, 2014—08:00 AM, September 27, 2014, 26 days

Note:Pre-registration will be closed when bidding phase begins.

2.Participation Procedure

First, Pre-registration

Please submit the domain name that you want and contact details via CNNIC’s accredited partners. (To find our partners: please click

Pre-registration fee: 320 CNY for each domain

Second, To obtain user name and password for bidding

Pre-registration user: the user name and password for bidding phase will be sent to the registrant via email address.

Note:Please confirm you are able to log in the bidding platform successfully before auction begins

Non-pre-registration user:please create your account on the bidding platform after bidding phase begins Bidding platform link:

Third, Log in the bidding platform to participate in auction

Fourth, please submit requirement document within 5 business days after auction results is confirmed. The registration will succeed once the domain passes audit

3.Participation Eligibility

Any legal person or individuals are allowed to participate in auction.

4.Pre-registration application rules

Application rules

Registrant shall submit pre-registration application via our accredited partners

( and the application shall follow China’s regulations on Internet domains. Only in the pre-registration period of the Landrush Phase shall applicant edit and delete the application information. The application information is prohibited to change when the bidding phase begins; No refunds will be granted if application was withdrawn during bidding phase.

During the pre-registration phase registrant can apply for more than one domains and a single domain can be contested by multiple registrants.

Information required for pre-registration

  • Domain name that registrant applies for
  • Full names of registrant (name or organization), contact number, email address
  •     Note:The above information is used to create your bidding account. Please make sure all the information is correct and valid

Naming policy of pre-registration

  • You can use Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters, Arabic numericals (0-9) and Latin Alphabet (a-z) and the half-width character“-”separately or in combination. The character“-”cannot be placed at the beginning or the end.
  • The maximum length for Chinese domain must not exceed 20 Chinese characters or 63 characters when it’s converted into punycode.(For details, refer to “Chinese Domain Punycode Conversion”)

5.Auction rules

  • Starting price
  • Starting price is 320 CNY
  • Note:In case of a successful bid, the actual payment is final bidding price minus pre-registration fee.
  • Example:A registrant pre-registers “”and wins this domain with a price of 500 Chinese Yuan. He will be charged 180 Yuan (500-320=180) by the system.


  • Both pre-registered and non-pre-registered users can participate in auction. The applicant offering the highest price wins. For non-pre-registered users, please refer to the auction platform to see how to participate in the auction.
  • If there is no bidding for a pre-registered domain, the pre-registered applicant will obtain this domain at the pre-registration price.
  • If a pre-registered applicant fails in the bid for his desired domain, the registrar shall give a full refund of pre-registration fee.
  • If a domain name in auction is only bided for by one applicant, this applicant will obtain the domain at the bidding price.
  • After the completion of auction, if the applicant offering the highest price gives up the domain, then the applicant offering the second highest-price will be given priority to obtain this domain. If the applicant offering the second highest price gives up as well, then the auction aborts.
  • The domain’s first year registration fee is included in the pre-registered applicant’s bidding price or pre-registration price.
  • For non-pre-registered applicants, the domain’s first year registration fee is NOT included in their bidding prices.

Auction Time

The starting and ending time of the auction shall be stipulated by the system. Any user can offer a bid before the auction is over.

Bid Confirmation

  • 1、After winning a bid, the winner shall confirm the price of domain within 72 hours.
    • 1)The deposit fund will be frozen after an applicant wins the bid.
    • 2) If the winner rejects to confirm the price, then the transaction is cancelled. The winner will be charged the deposit fund for breach penalty. The transaction fails.
    • 3)If the winner does not confirm within 72 hours and he has sufficient funds to cover his bidding price in his account, the system will by default assume the bid is successful and freeze the corresponding amount of funds. If there is no sufficient funds in his account, then it will count as a breach. The winner shall be charged the deposit fund for breach penalty and his bid fails
  • 2、The bid winner shall submit domain registration information within 5 business days the after winning the bid Pre-registered domain: Please complete the registration process with the corresponding registrar.
  • Non-pre-registered domains: Please submit the registration and the relevant materials via the service provider of the Auction Platform System.(For a list of registrars that offer “.公司” & “.网络” services, please refer to:

6.Dispute Resolution Mechanism

For any disputes between the registrant and the trademark rights holders in domain registration in the Landrush Phase, they shall be solved according to ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS).

Any complaints filed according to UDRP shall be processed according to ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ( and the complementary administrative dispute resolution policy of your chosen service provider; complaints filed according to Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) shall be processed according to Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) rules and the complementary rules of ICANN-accredited URS service provider.

7.Inquiry and Contact

  • Please contact China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) at:
  • Tel: +86-10-58813000(7/24)
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: +86-10-58812666
  • China Internet Network Information Center
  • Aug 19, 2014
  • 1.Domain names applied for registration;
  • 2.The host names of the main and secondary domain name servers for the domain name;
  • 3.If the applicant is a natural person, he or she needs to submit the name, ID type, ID number, address, telephone, e-mail etc.;
  • 4.If the applicant is an organization, it needs to submit the organization name, the type of organizational identity, organizational identity code, mailing address, e-mail, phone numbers, etc.;
  • 5.Name of the applicant's contacts, domain technical contacts, payment contacts, contractors, and mailing address, email, phone number.

Proof materials to be submitted

  • 1.In Mainland China: Applicants only need to submit the full name and credential number of the organization code certificate, no need to submit the electronic or paper version of the identity documents;electronic version of the identity documents should be submitted by the applicant for the other registration application materials.
  • 2.Out of Mainland China: Applicants need to submit the electronic version of the identity documents.

Naming rules

  • 1.consist of Chinese simplified or traditional characters,the letters A-Z, the numbers 0-9 and hyphens;
  • 2.not begin or end with a hyphen;
  • 3.not exceed 63 characters( for non-ASCII label, this criteria is applied to the length of punycode transferred from Chinese label);
  • 4.not exceed 20 Chinese characters;
  • 5.contains at least one character

4. Bidding rules

General rules

  • 1.If there is more than one application for the same domain name within landrush period, the applicant may apply for registration by participating in the auction, and the highest bidder will win.
  • 2.If there is only one application for the same domain name, the applicant will register the domain name at the starting price.
  • 3.When the bidding is over, if the highest bidder users abandon the domain name,the second highest bidder users will have priority to bid.
  • 4.The bidding fee shall contain the domain name registration fee of the first year.

Initial price

See "The Pricing Policy of “.网络”(xn—io0a7i) & ”.公司” (xn—55qx5d).

Bidding ways

Voluntary bidding

Users can bid according to their own actual situation, the bid should be greater than the current highest bid, and conform to the markups.

Proxy bidding

Proxy bidding refers to that the system automatically bid up with the minimum premium amount based on the highest price that the user input when other users bid, in order to maintain the users’ position for the highest bidder,until the highest bid is surpassed by other users.

If the highest bidding price of the proxy bid is the same with the other bids, the one who first sets the price takes the lead. The proxy bidding price is confidential to other users. When the bidding is over, if no one bids more than the user, the user is the winning bidder who can purchase this domain name at the current bidding price.

The markups

The minimum amount of money that the bidding user allowed to increase on the basis of the current bid in order to exceed the bidding price of the previous bidder.

Users can either bid manually, or set the proxy bidding for an automatical markup by the system. The automatical markup by the system increases along with the increase of the current bid.

The bidding time

The bidding start and end times subject to the system prompt, before the end of the bidding time, all users can participate in the bid.

Within 5 minutes before the bidding ends, the system will automatically extend 5 minutes based on the current bid time if there is a new bid. If the bidding end time is 21:00:00, when the bidding is about to end (such as the prompting time is 20:57:59), the system will automatically extend 5 minutes, so the bidding end time extends to 21:02:59, but if there are always new bids within the last five minutes, the system will extend five minutes of the bidding time again, until no new bids come out.

The bidding confirmation

After winning the bid in bidding transaction, the user needs to confirm the price for the domain name transaction within 72 hours. The deposits will be frozen after the confirmation of winning the bid by the users.

If the user declines the bid, the transaction will be canceled, meanwhile, the bidding guaranty bond will be deducted as a penalty, the transaction between two parties fails.

If the user fails to confirm the bid and have the sufficient payments in the account, the system will automatically confirm the transaction and tacitly approve of the price and the freeze on all the money; if there is no sufficient payments in the account, the user will be tacitly approved to be a default, when the bidding guaranty bond will be deducted as a penalty.

The bidding domain name will be registered successfully under the name of the partners to whom the applicants submit the application, within 5 working days after the bid in Landrush & Auction Period ends.

The bidding payments


Users can pay through different kinds of channels provided by the bidding platform such as online banking,the third-party payment platforms or cash deposit, before the user win the bid, he or she can just recharge the deposit amount that is sufficient to pay the bidding guaranty bond.

Withdraw deposits

If the bidding guaranty bond that is recharged in biding time fails at last, the cash payments can be withdrawn to the bank card when users deposit, 1% of the fees will be charged by the bidding platform.

Dispute solutions

Within the Landrush & Auction period,the dispute arising from the conflict between any domain name registrant and trademark holders, must be resolved by complying with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) established by ICANN or the Uniform Rapid Suspension policy(“URS”) constituted by ICANN .

The complaints filed according to UDRP will besolved in accordance with rules of, and the supplementary rules published by administrative dispute resolution service providers specified by the users; the complaints filed according to the URS policy will be solved by,, and the supplementary rules published by URS service providers specified by ICANN .